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Chelsea Bell is giving us some insight on how she build the beautiful store. This was originally posted on the comments on this blog but I’d like to share it:

Thanks for featuring our site! As you know, we have put a lot of work into it, and we are very proud of the integration with our various SAS providers, including:

Our entire Shopify implementation is customized from the home page to the checkout pages and order confirmation screens.

Our success with Shopify would not have been possible without all of the help of all of the shopify forum contributors, such as Christina, Miss Manners, Meeshman, Ryan, Jonathan, and of course the Shopify team itself.

After working with various other e-commerce solutions over the years, Shopify is a breath of fresh air. I love this solution, and have the highest respect for the active user base.

What systems do you use on top of Shopify to make your online retailing business a success?



  • David
    September 26 2008, 04:29PM

    Fantastic design! Was the checkout page customization accomplished solely by modification of checkout.css or does some additional checkout customization process exist now?

  • Chelsea Bell
    Chelsea Bell
    September 26 2008, 04:29PM

    David – The customization of the checkout was accomplished solely be editing the CSS.

    :-) Chelsea

  • Chelsea Bell
    Chelsea Bell
    September 26 2008, 04:29PM

    Thanks Ss! (Is that Big S, little s, what begins with s?)

    We work hard on our branding! We will be replacing all of the photography on our site with 100% original shots over the next few weeks to more fully flesh out our branding and the overall look and feel of the site.

    I have found that creating a styleguide is invaluable for keeping our branding consistent, especially when multiple people are working on branding.

  • Ss
    September 26 2008, 04:29PM

    Great design, perfect branding, love it.

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