Shopify App Developer IRC Meetup: September 25th, 2:00PM EST

Shopify is having an App Developer meetup September 25th.

Come join us in IRC in the #shopify channel on at 2:00PM EST and talk with some of the API AppStore developers about how you can turn some ideas you’ve got floating around into a moneymaker sold on the AppStore.

For more about building Apps, see

Unsure about IRC? Jump over to the web-client, choose a nick for yourself, and join the channel.

(Update: the title was mistakenly set to September 19th. Please disregard the old date.)



  • Anthony
    September 09 2009, 09:00AM

    YES NEW and More Automotive style Ecommerce Themes…

  • wb
    September 09 2009, 09:00AM

    We need more free themes!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • @Shopify Edward Ocampo-Gooding
    Edward Ocampo-Gooding
    September 09 2009, 09:00AM

    Hi folks,

    Sorry if I’ve confused you, but I just want to make it clear that this is a meetup for developers wanting to use the API to create Shopify Apps to publish in the AppStore.

    (So this is more about coding as a 3rd-party developer, and not about designing themes.)

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