New App: Amazon Product Ads

New App: Amazon Product Ads

New App: Amazon Product Ads

Alright Shopify store owners... get ready, this is big! Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are a great way to drive traffic to your ecommerce site. They allow you to advertise to people while they are researching and looking for products and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad actually visits your site.

We're introducing a new App that helps Shopify stores take PPC ads one step closer to a real sale. With Amazon Product Ads, you can place PPC ads directly on the world's largest ecommerce site, Since the people who see your ad are already on looking to make a purchase, the conversion rate on these ads should be much higher than traditional PPC.

What exactly is Amazon Product Ads? Well, it's an advertising program designed to provide Amazon shoppers seamless access to products available on external websites. As a Shopify seller, you install the App and set your pay-per-click bids and budget. Amazon will then display your ads to shoppers when they search for your product or related products. Customers who are interested in buying your product can click through to your website and purchase the product directly from you.

An example of one location your ad may appear.

If you sign up now, you will receive a $100 credit for Amazon Product Ads to get you started. So, how do you get started? The first step is to create an Amazon Product Ads account. Next, install the Amazon Product Ads App and then just follow the instructions to set up your campaign.

You can sign up today and advertise your products in the Baby, Computers, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Musical Instruments, Office, Pet Supplies, Sports, and Toys categories. You can advertise in the Grocery, Jewelry, Shoes or Watches categories after receiving approval by See full list of available categories

You can find a lot more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, on the Amazon Product Ads homepage.

If you have questions about the program or need help getting started, please feel free to contact Amazon Product Ads.



  • Thomas
    November 21 2011, 07:36PM

    Great job!

    But this is only open businesses based in the USA, right?

  • Ramona
    November 22 2011, 09:51AM

    Would have loved to have used this app especially near the holiday shopping season, but they only support some categories. We sell baby hats and head-wear and Amazon does not offer this service for clothing or accessories. I hope they will in the near future. I am looking forward to giving it a try!

  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    November 22 2011, 10:20AM

    @Thomas – It’s open to everyone, but you must sell in US dollars and ship to the US.

    @Ramona – Yes, there are limitations on which categories can be included. Amazon, understandably, is a bit more strict than other ad platforms.

  • Sandy Rashid
    Sandy Rashid
    December 02 2011, 02:11PM

    I’m excited about using this but I’m having a heck of a time getting my products downloaded. Out of 420 products it only shows 27 in the Amazon product list and 20 of those have errors. What am I doing wrong?

  • John Benjamin
    John Benjamin
    December 21 2011, 04:24PM

    I have been trying for a half a day now to get my FTP credentials verified and the app keeps giving me a “something went wrong” message. I have tripled checked my FTP UserName and password as generated by Amazon, and have completed all the set-up steps in my Amazon account. This is getting quite frustrating.


  • gary
    April 08 2013, 07:40AM

    Try the new Amazon Search Widget for Chrome:

  • Jacob Yusuf
    Jacob Yusuf
    October 06 2016, 03:16PM

    I want use shopify eCommerce platform to on my fb page sale products from other website.Best regard,Jacob Yusuf.

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