Our Gift To You This Holiday Season

Our Gift To You This Holiday Season

 Our Gift To You This Holiday Season

UPDATE: All of the books have been claimed.

As a token of our appreciation to our store owners, we'd like to send you a FREE hardcover copy of Seth Godin's book: Poke The Box. It doesn't matter whether you've been naughty or nice, simply fill out the form below and we'll mail out a copy absolutely free.

Be quick though, this offer is only open to the first 500 people.

We love our international customers, but due to the costs of providing free shipping, this offer is limited to the United States and Canada.



  • Melissa Scheiderer
    Melissa Scheiderer
    December 21 2011, 01:56PM

    Excited to read this!

  • Joe Nelson
    Joe Nelson
    December 21 2011, 01:57PM

    I hope I get one! I am trying to make a purple cow in my products, and permission marketing is one of my pillars. Help me out!

  • Bastiaan
    December 21 2011, 01:58PM

    I like this Shopify! And deeply appreciate it :)

  • Jessica Canfield
    Jessica Canfield
    December 21 2011, 02:00PM

    This is awesome! Thanks, Shopify! You rock!

  • Dalbir Singh
    Dalbir Singh
    December 21 2011, 02:01PM

    Thank you. Another great gift would the UPS/Fedex Label printing integration =)

  • Jennifer Kalled
    Jennifer Kalled
    December 21 2011, 02:02PM

    I can use the help!

  • Ivan
    December 21 2011, 02:03PM

    I love Mr. Gosin books, I have a few of them but not this one! Thanks Shopify!

  • Sam Naim
    Sam Naim
    December 21 2011, 02:05PM

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Thank you for the nice gesture.

    Sam Naim

  • Sherry
    December 21 2011, 02:08PM

    Thanks, Shopify!! Can’t wait to receive the book!

  • Substream Jason
    Substream Jason
    December 21 2011, 02:13PM

    Awesome! I’m always looking for advice and new ways to push our brand!

  • Etienne
    December 21 2011, 02:15PM

    This is awesome! Thanx! You rock!

  • Eric
    December 21 2011, 02:15PM

    I manage a store on behalf of a client (who wouldn’t have the slightest interest in reading Seth’s book… even though she probably should). Too bad admins can’t get in on the deal.

  • Denis
    December 21 2011, 02:16PM

    “We love our international customers, but due to the costs of providing free shipping, this offer is limited to the United States and Canada”

    If you really loved us, you wouldn’t have wasted my time by sending me a promotion that I can’t enter.

  • Luke
    December 21 2011, 02:19PM

    Thanks Shopify! Great holiday gift.

  • katy
    December 21 2011, 02:21PM

    Bummer, i guess i was to late :(

  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    December 21 2011, 02:21PM

    Thanks for the compliments everyone. We wish we could give away even more free books!

    @Denis – We tried to be very upfront about this, posting the disclaimer on this page and in the newsletter. I’m sorry you feel that way, we working to come up with awesome stuff for our international customers too.

  • Damian
    December 21 2011, 02:30PM

    Santa gyp’d us.

  • Seth Rozee
    Seth Rozee
    December 21 2011, 02:32PM

    Shopify, you guys continue to WOW us here at StashBelt… keep up the good work, Thanks we’ll look forward to our book!

  • Dan C
    Dan C
    December 21 2011, 02:40PM

    Wow! You guys really must be having success with these being gone 20 minutes after the email arrived! Too bad for me, but thanks anyway – I appreciate the thought a lot.

    I will give a +1 to integrating USPS/Fedex shipping to the core offering here.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Andy j
    Andy j
    December 21 2011, 02:44PM

    Shoot..I missed out, business must be booming! Happy Holidays!

  • Paulie G
    Paulie G
    December 21 2011, 03:18PM

    Damn. I go out for lunch one day this week and totally miss this! ahh

  • Brad
    December 21 2011, 03:18PM

    Is there a digital download copy available?

  • Brad
    December 21 2011, 03:18PM

    Is there a digital download copy available?

  • Chuck
    December 21 2011, 03:41PM

    I received this email from shopfiy an hour ago and all of the books are already gone?

    I think that is the equivalent of giving your customers coal in their stockings.

    Bah-Humbug Shopify!

  • Scott
    December 21 2011, 03:57PM

    Personally.. I would not have sent the offer to my international customers if I was not making the offer available to them…

  • Karine
    December 21 2011, 04:09PM

    Oh bummer! No more books, but i have a lots of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Shopify team… Thank you for your support and help with my shop :)))


  • Julius Choi
    Julius Choi
    December 21 2011, 04:18PM

    this is sad. I just missed it. shopify: you guys are great

  • Ed
    December 21 2011, 04:24PM

    Free gift! Psyche!

  • Jon
    December 21 2011, 04:37PM

    Hmm, international customers can go suck it ? Merry Christmas!

    Nice one Shopify. I am sure Seth Godin has a chapter about avoiding this approach somewhere.

  • Bart
    December 21 2011, 04:47PM

    WOW – Did you really write this “We love our international customers” and then send people a mail for a gift they cannot have ??
    You must have missed a couple of nights sleep. To me reading “We love our customers” felt like calling a big chain and hearing a computer voice “Your call is very important to us” after which they keep you going through routines the next 5 minutes.
    Come on people – you must be better than this!

  • Dixie
    December 21 2011, 04:49PM

    Why don’t you just give the books to your top 500 clients. Those are the ones to busy anyway to reply immediately to your email.

  • pissed off
    pissed off
    December 21 2011, 05:01PM

    I bought a whole year of shopify, just got home and the books are gone



  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    December 21 2011, 05:08PM

    We’re sorry if anyone’s disappointed, but it just isn’t possible for us to send out 15,000+ books to everyone. In total, we’ve sent out over 5,000 free books to our store owners this year. We think that’s pretty good.

    It’s hard to please everyone, but we figured it was best to let everyone know about the offer and be very upfront about who it was limited to. I can understand the frustration from our international stores, and should we give away freebies again we’ll try and find something that works for everyone.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Lorraine Kouwenberg
    Lorraine Kouwenberg
    December 21 2011, 06:05PM

    Thanks for the book. I look forward to receiving it.

  • Kym
    December 21 2011, 06:42PM

    Hi Mike
    It’s the thought that counts and you certainly can’t please everyone. Just remember that if you do want to send some to international clients next time that you should send a seperate email to us given the time differences.

  • Carlo
    December 21 2011, 08:19PM

    dear Shopify, you should think that you got customers in Asia too and you should post links to FREE stuff in the way that also your asian customers can get the offer and not when people is sleeping in Asia!! Otherwise is useless you junk my email with limited time or pieces offers!!Buon Natale.

  • Monte
    December 21 2011, 10:12PM

    I appreciate the thought even though I won’t be getting a book. A digital version would take care of all the problems here, right?

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  • Ron
    December 21 2011, 11:05PM

    I have 3 Shopify sites and I still missed out…bummer!

  • Alison
    December 22 2011, 04:44AM

    How disappointing not to have the offer open to the UK. Can you send me a link as to where I can buy it?

  • Bohdan
    December 22 2011, 07:30AM

    Well it’s look like the Shopify Santa needs to remember all the children on the block, since all the kids remembered Shopify. Merry Christmas to all and keep up the good work. Thank you Shopify for your unlimited support.

  • David-Emmanuel Cohen
    David-Emmanuel Cohen
    December 22 2011, 08:40AM

    Just wanted to let you know you who hasn’t read the book yet that IT IS A GREAT AND WONDERFUL BOOK. Buy for yourself and your friend. MERRY XMAS!!!
    David from Paris

  • Carly
    December 22 2011, 09:01AM

    Why not offer a kindle book to customers outside of the us/can? Seriously, all you gotta do is sort your mailing list to exclude customers from countries you are not planning to do a giveaway for, that way you can avoid disappointing everyone before Xmas, I don’t appreciate this kind of junk mail in my inbox that has nothing to do with me. Have a merry Xmas.

  • Carly
    December 22 2011, 09:14AM

    From mike," we’ve sent out over 5,000 free books to our store owners this year. We think that’s pretty good." AND “should we give away freebies again we’ll try and find something that works for everyone.”

    I guess it’s no happening anytime soon ;)

  • Lester Chin
    Lester Chin
    December 22 2011, 11:17AM

    Thanks for the offer! I was absolutely busy fine tuning my stores to be listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And it paid off ! SportsWorldStore.biz & BigAppleStore’Int’l.com are on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
    In the process, I was frazzled and drained, but I had to keep pushing and pushing till I got results that appealed to me
    So I am not crying over spilled milk. The best is yet to come! I got 9 clicks yesterday on Google!
    Thanks SHOPIFY, for your thought!

  • Redditor
    December 22 2011, 11:48AM

    Um… That meme doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  • LA
    December 22 2011, 12:26PM

    Not sure about 500 “gifts” for thousands of merchants. That was not very nice. I agree with the kindle book idea. If your going to claim you’re giving us anything – make sure it is for all of us. Not just who happens to be sitting at their computer when you send your e-mail blast.

    December 22 2011, 12:55PM

    Not much of a gift if you present it like this.

  • kerin rose
    kerin rose
    December 22 2011, 01:14PM

    yes, a digital version! that would be lovely!

  • G.S.
    December 22 2011, 03:19PM

    Man, there sure are some bitter people on here… Prepare to get even more angry- I got mine in the mail and I never even filled anything out! Thanks Shopify!

  • Ed
    December 22 2011, 04:29PM

    I’ve read the book before, it’s great. If anyone has an Amazon Prime account + Kindle they can read it for free.

  • ken renney
    ken renney
    December 22 2011, 06:45PM

    Thank you

  • David Tinklepaugh
    David Tinklepaugh
    December 22 2011, 07:27PM

    I did not act fast enough to get the book either, but amid the chorus of boo’s may I add a nice job?! Indeed I appreciate the thought. I am having a hard time deciding who is acting like a six year old, your store owners wailing ’that’s unfair’ or my actual 6 year old complaining I got her the wrong Zooble.

    Watching the reaction here has been, in and of itself, a nice business lesson. Wow.

  • Danielle
    December 22 2011, 08:25PM

    David – if you think a “thought” -intention equals “reality” – what is actually done, you have another “business lesson” coming to you.

  • John L
    John L
    December 22 2011, 08:50PM

    Thank you and

    Happy Holiday!
  • gretchen
    December 23 2011, 10:49AM

    I agree with all of you, nice thought but it’s like my mother used to say…
    “I’m sorry Honey, I know it’s your birthday but it was tax day yesterday”.

  • Jennifer
    December 25 2011, 11:11PM

    Well, it’s Christmas, and I was a little late in getting to this blog for a “free” book. However, it looks like it went within an hour.

    I also miss out on the Build A Business contest because the contest started after I purchased a store front, although my sales didn’t start until the contest started…:(

    Guess I have been really naughty this year! However, we are really happy with our sales of the SleekEZ!:)

  • Christopher
    January 26 2012, 12:59PM

    Got my book in the mail a couple of days ago! Takes longer to get to Canada, I guess! In any case, I’m happy! Thank you so much.

    I haven’t read it yet, but my fiancee picked it up and she’s hooked on it! So I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I’m sorry to read all the negative comments. I guess it’s a business lesson for everyone.

    All the best!

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