Tim Ferriss on Manufacturing and Prototyping a Product

Tim Ferriss on Manufacturing and Prototyping a Product
Tim Ferriss is no stranger to manufacturing and prototyping products. Before he started writing books, Ferriss built companies. One of his first ventures, BrainQUICKEN, took two weeks and $5,000 to launch. This sports nutrition ecommerce store quickly grew to $40,000 a month business.
We asked Ferriss for his best advice on how to prototype and manufacture a product. Here's what he had to say. 

Tips on Manufacturing a Product

1. Think Outside of Google

Google is great for finding manufacturers, but it shouldn't be your only source. Also check out trade magazines, and find trade shows that are dedicated to the industry you're getting into. At trade shows, you'll find all the reputable manufacturers and distributors under one roof. Also check out the well known Alibaba, and ThomasNet (Thomas' Register of Manufacturers).

2. Submit Lots of Proposals

Once you find a bunch of manufacturers, put out a proposal to all of them. Let them know you're contacting all the others. Now, chances are you don't be able to impress them with the amount of capital you have to invest in a first run, so it's important to tell them your marketing and business plan. Include how much volume you'll be capable to bring to the table if the first run is a success. Read The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing to help you with your pitch.

3. Hunt Down the Scams and Fraudsters

Do your due diligence. Take the manufacturers name and research their reputation. Try typing their name into google with "fraud" and "scam" after it to see if anything pops up. Do the same with the principals of the business. Find out who the lead executives are and search their names with "lawsuit" and "FTC" after their name.

4. Don't Judge a Book by the Cover

Manufacturer websites are notoriously poorly designed, but that doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of the company or the products. 

Tips on Prototyping a Product

Tips on Prototyping a Product

1. Define What Type of Prototype you Need

It's vitally important to determine the objective of your prototype. 
  • Is it for you to assess the manufacturing?
  • Is it to sell perspective clients?
  • Is it to test or sell on Kickstarter?

2. Don't Spend Too Much Money

One of Tim's friends has made millions of dollars selling various licenses. He didn't spend tons of money to develop beautiful prototypes, in fact, most of them were made from paper and cardboard. 

3. Hire a Firm, Use 3D Printing

If you require a more professional or intricate prototype, find an industrial design firm in your city. They'll put something together and using a 3D printer will develop a prototype for you. Or - even use your own 3D Printer, like the MakerBot that's pictured above.

4. Manufacture in Small Batches

Only manufacture in small batches until you have proven you can fill the demand and acquire customers profitably. You don't want to end up with inventory you can't move. Also keep in mind that most people tweak their product and it's packaging along the way. It's important to be able to pivot and change without having to throw out a whole bunch of units. 



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    January 03 2013, 02:35AM

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    Giovanni Mattucci
    January 03 2013, 03:47PM

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  • Andrew E
    Andrew E
    February 16 2013, 03:23PM

    All very good tips on manufacturing and prototyping your physical product.
    I find these days, the step of 3D printing a prototype is almost a must – simply the best way to get your concept into your hands and test the fit, form, and appearance – even if it’s not totally full-functioning.
    Also, I think having a design on your side can always help. Yes it is expensive if they run through the entire process for you.
    But if you already have your concept scratched down on a napkin, then for them to convert to a 3D model for printing is not very expensive. It’s even cheaper if you can find an engineering/design student or virtual contractor (i.e. on Odesk). I’ve successfully worked with a number of contractors on there.

    I also agree with small-batch manufacturing to start – Instead of immediately spending thousands of dollars on plastic injection or die-cast molds in China, have a domestic manufacturer or machine shop make the first hundred units for you. You may not actually profit much at this time, buu you keep your upfront costs low and you build relationships for future prototyping and manufacturing. Plus it’s always nice to attempt to make domestic manufacture viable.

    -Andrew E, producracy.com

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  • Patricia Horn Dinkins
    Patricia Horn Dinkins
    November 21 2013, 11:44AM

    Thank you for the outline, I have been holding on to my ideas and have made small quantities to sell when I came up with the bright idea of possibly having my product manufactured. Your advice gives me more information that allows me to move forward. Thanks again

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  • Jackson Leavitt
    Jackson Leavitt
    April 11 2014, 06:26PM

    Whenever I thought of prototypes, I always imagined drawings of different products. I didn’t think that people tried to make them until the prototype was completely finished. Now that I think about it, it would make more sense to make different versions of the product until you found the one that works the best.

  • Carmen G
    Carmen G
    May 08 2014, 04:37PM

    I am reinventing a product, or rather, changing the use of a current product that is already well known in the sewing, fabrics, and arts and crafts industry. Would that product that is well known for its current use be a valid prototype for my own product? In other words, can I present the current product as it is today to manufacturers and just say that I’d like to recondition its current use to the one I have in mind? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if it’s already half way there.

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  • James
    August 19 2014, 10:48AM
    Good advice. I actually build and design prototypes for individuals as well as companies. I find most are looking for a finished product in the prototype stage. The prototype stage is import and you should not just pay big dollars to get a final product made without testing. It is best to start with a less expensive and flexible design. Because you WILL “tweek” your product as it develops into a final design for the consumer.


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    Our Business Company name is SOCIÉTÉ SAS ATTINDIS, one of the biggest distribution / retailer companies based in France. Operating in all kinds of products like home appliances, Industrial Equipment’s, Groceries, Furniture, Clothing, Building Equipment/ Materials e.t.c.

    We want to express our business interest in your company’s products, as we are working very hard to establish long term business relationship between manufactures and distributors in all kinds of products so that together we can provide our customers with the best products at the best prices.


    If interested, could you please send me more details about your products including catalogue/prices, specifications, possible options, availability at the earliest {in attached or mail} which would enable me to get a peak at your latest collection and to arrive at a decision on order volume.

    Would be in eager anticipation of a prompt response.

    Yours sincerely,
    For; Société SAS ATTINDIS

    M. Marc DEBERT (President/Sales Director)
    La Paix Faîte,
    62170 Attin, France.
    SIREN : 398 400 812
    TVA : FR70 398400812
    T. 00 33 9 70 73 48 56
    F. 00 33 9 70 73 48 56

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    Nice blog.. also can you compile a list of biggest sales and distribution companies in pakistan? I have been reading your blogs from a time now.

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    Can anyone tell who are the biggest distributors in pakistan for procter and gamble?

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