Watch Global BFCM Sales in Real-Time with Shopify’s Live Map

BFCM Live Map.

Black Friday Cyber Monday is no longer the exclusive domain of big box retailers. Businesses of all sizes continue to make their mark and bolster the shopping weekend’s tremendous growth. Last year, Shopify merchants alone generated $1 billion in sales in four days, all while selling and shipping orders across the world.

This year, we’re excited to introduce our BFCM Live Map into the conversation. The Live Map tracks worldwide Black Friday Cyber Monday sales made on the Shopify platform in real-time. The data provides a one-of-a-kind view into events as they unfold throughout BFCM, from granular details to global trends.

Explore the live map to see everything from the distance far-flung international shipments have traveled, the rate of sales per minute across Shopify, or, if you’re lucky, you may even catch an active flash sale in progress.

The full story of Black Friday Cyber Monday on Shopify will slowly unfold with each successful sale, so stay tuned as the numbers roll in and new information makes its way to the map.

That just leaves the story sum totals can’t tell—your story. At Shopify, we remain inspired by you, our merchants, as you navigate through the frantic shopping weekend and steadfastly push forward to grow your business and, in turn, make commerce more diverse and resilient.

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