How it works

Create a new store

Have a great business idea that you've always wanted to explore? Here’s your chance! Launch an online store with Shopify to enter the competition.

Compete to sell the most

Next, it's time to get selling. After the eight-month competition, we'll calculate your sales. Sell the most during the competition, and receive our grand prize.

Get mentorship

You could earn the opportunity to seek advice and guidance from our all-star entrepreneurs while we send you on the trip of a lifetime.

Prizes & Mentors

We're sending five winners to Richard Branson's private retreat, Necker Island, to spend time with each of our mentors.

Your own private jet

Necker Island is as remote as it is beautiful. There’s no simple way to arrive. That’s why we’re taking you there on a private jet. Fly in style with your fellow winners and mentors to get the celebrations started before even hitting the sand.

Entrepreneur Island

Spend five days and four nights on the ultra-exclusive Necker Island with a guest, fellow winners, and our mentors. Weʼll take care of everything so you can enjoy complimentary meals and drinks while keeping busy with water sports, tennis, pools, and a jacuzzi.

Learn from the best

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain mentorship and ask for insight from our renowned mentors. When else will you get the chance to chat with Richard Branson about your startup on his private island?

Seth Godin

Special Guest Seth Godin

Seth Godin will lead an intimate group seminar for the winners for half a day on the island. Godin has held a series of these no-holds-barred sessions in his office (read about them here and here), and he's excited to join us for this one. Godin's mission is simple: At the end, you can become your own mentor.

Past winners

Group Winners
Group Winners

4th Annual

Group Winners
Group Winners

3rd Annual

Coffee Joulies
Coffee Joulies

2nd Annual


1st Annual

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  • virginUNITE
  • PayPal
  • AcumenFund

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Important Competition Details

Competition registration runs from Sept. 22, 2014 to March 31, 2015, but you can sign up any time. After you register, only complete calendar months between Oct. 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015 will be used in the calculation of gross sales. You don't need any experience starting or running an online store – Shopify makes it easy.