Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing & Referral Programs

Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing and Referral Programs

Rewarding your customers is a great way to keep them coming back. Repeat customers are some of the most valuable to your business, and are great at evangelizing your products to other people. Taking advantage of a customers passion for your products is a great way to increase sales and get the word out about your store and products.

There are easy ways to reward your customers with Shopify. One of the most popular ways is to reward customers for each new customer that they bring to your store. Apps like Zferral and ReferralCandy automate this system for you to reduce headaches such as keeping track of how many referrals a person has, who referred whom, etc. Kudyou is also great if you want a referral program with a twist; rewards are offered in the form of a charitable donation. This is a great idea for a store that's looking to make a difference.

Another popular option for customer rewards is a traditional loyalty program, where rewards are offered to repeat customers based on how much they buy. Apps like PunchTab and Incentify make this easy. By just installing the app, you can have a fully featured and customizable program in place that your users can take advantage of right away. 

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