A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Business

Looking to launch a web design or development business, but not sure where to start? From finding clients to writing proposals, this comprehensive guide will show you everything you need to start fueling the growth of your business.

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12 chapters

1. Introduction

1 min

Starting a web design or development business? This comprehensive guide will help you learn the ropes of getting your new venture up and running.

2. Branding | Deciding What Your Company Stands For

5 min

Before you can start promoting your new venture, you need to define your company’s values, vision, and brand. In this chapter, we’ll show you how.

3. Marketing | Ways to Find Your First Customer

7 min

A web design business can only thrive if it has clients to work with. Here are several techniques for promoting your business and finding your first clients.

4. The Proposal | How to Write and Present Proposals That Close Deals

6 min

In this chapter, you’ll learn the best practices for writing and presenting a project proposal to help increase your odds of winning new business.

5. Value-Based Pricing | Deciding How To Charge Your Clients

3 min

In this chapter you will learn the importance of value-based pricing strategies, and what you need to consider when deciding how to charge your clients.

6. The Contract | How to Draw Up a Client Contract

5 min

A clearly-written contract is essential when onboarding a new client, helping you clarify issues and smooth out problems in advance. In this chapter, you’ll learn exactly what to include in your contracts, as well as a little contract etiquette to make sure you don’t lose out on your projects.

7. Customer Service | The Key to Winning Work

6 min

In the creative industry, you are not only judged on the quality of your work, but also on the experience you offer your clients. In this chapter, you’ll uncover some basic tactics for creating a great customer experience for your client roster.

8. Mobile | How to Optimize Clients’ Stores for Mobile

4 min

The future of online browsing and shopping is mobile, and that future is now. In this chapter, we’ll discuss 15 things to consider when designing and developing mobile experiences for your clients.

9. Invoicing and Payment | How to Make Sure You Get Paid

3 min

In this chapter, you’ll learn the basic elements of an invoice statement, and get access to communication templates designed to make sure you get paid on time.

10. Your Business Toolkit | Recommended Apps and Tools

6 min

Making sure you have the right toolkit at your disposal can make a world of difference in your final product. In this chapter, we’ll explore an array of tools and services that will help your project workflow from concept to launch.

11. Launch Checklist | Things to Do Before the Site Goes Live

3 min

Preparing to launch a website is the most exciting part of a project, but it can also be the most stressful. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to make sure your site launch goes as smoothly as possible.

12. Shopify’s Partner Program: Working with Shopify

1 min

One of the major decisions you’ll make as a web-based freelancer or business owner is which ecommerce platform to work with. In this chapter, we’ll explore why you should consider Shopify for your ecommerce clients.

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