Becoming a Full-Stack Web Design Freelancer

From web optimization to content marketing, this comprehensive guide will walk you through additional services that you can use to retain existing web design or development clients.

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11 chapters

1. Introduction

1 min

Looking to build repeat business for your web design firm? This comprehensive guide dives into nine verticals where you can expand your expertise to delight and retain existing clients.

2. Contracts | How to Build a Killer Long-Term Contract

3 min

As a freelancer, contracts are vital for safeguarding your business. This chapter will teach you their importance and the basic elements you should include when writing long-term contracts.

3. User Research | Helping Your Clients Understand Their Customers

4 min

You need to understand your client’s users before you can make informed decisions about the design and content of their website. In this chapter, you’ll learn how user research can add value to your web design projects as well as methods for conducting that research.

4. Audience Acquisition | Finding (and Keeping) Customers for Your Clients

5 min

Online marketing presents a unique opportunity for you to extend your client relationship beyond a one-time service. This chapter will show you a few ways you can begin selling audience acquisition services to each web design client you bring on.

5. Analytics | Becoming a Strategic Advisor on Client Data

7 min

Analytic services allow you to shift your role from a reactive web designer to a proactive strategic advisor. In this chapter, you’ll learn four analytic techniques to measure the success of your client’s website and business.

6. A/B Testing | The ABCs of Conversion Optimization

5 min

Website optimization can help you differentiate yourself from the crowd and build long-term relationships with your clients. This chapter will teach you how you can integrate A/B testing and optimization into your design process to delight clients and earn additional revenue.

7. SEO | Help Clients Improve Their Search Rankings

9 min

From increased visibility to higher amounts of sustainable traffic, search engine optimization can provide tremendous benefits for your clients. This chapter will walk through the basics of on-page optimization and teach you how to implement SEO in all your web design projects.

8. Content Marketing | Create Compelling Content That Moves the Needle for Your Client

5 min

One of the best ways to help your clients promote their new website is through content marketing services. In this chapter, you’ll learn how adding content marketing to your roster of services can help you build repeat business with your existing web design clients.

9. Videography | Unlocking the Power of Video Marketing

6 min

Video consumption is at an all-time high and online brands can benefit greatly from leveraging this trend for promotion. This chapter will teach you how to develop a comprehensive video strategy and how to start selling video as an additional service to your clients.

10. Offline Marketing | Creating Brand Experiences in the Real World

6 min

Just because your client’s business is online, doesn’t mean their promotion has to be. In this chapter, you’ll learn about four different offline marketing strategies that you can add to your service offerings.

11. Working with Shopify | How to Become Part of the Shopify Partner Ecosystem

1 min

When designing and developing websites for your ecommerce clients, the platform you choose to work with is an important decision. Learn how Shopify’s user-friendly and intuitive software can help you build beautiful ecommerce stores and leave clients raving about your services.

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