Project Management: Planning Your Web Design Workflow

Looking to run more efficient client projects? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the project management fundamentals you need to know to plan your web design workflows.

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5 chapters

1. Introduction

1 min

Good project management can make the difference between a project that's successful, and one that's not. This guide will teach you the fundamentals of project management, and help you plan your web design workflow more efficiently.

2. Becoming an Effective Project Manager

1 min

For those of you coming from a development or design-only background, project management can be scary and unfamiliar territory. Regardless of your experience, this chapter will help you identify the fundamental principles behind becoming a more effective project manager in your current role. Download the full guide to read this chapter.

3. The Design Brief

1 min

One of the best project management tools available to you and your team is the design brief. In this chapter, you'll learn how to write effective design briefs that will help align your team, as well as your external stakeholders, on your web design workflow and project expectations. Download the full guide to read this chapter.

4. Preventing Scope Creep

1 min

You don’t have to let scope creep ruin your project workflow when it does show its ugly head. In this chapter, we'll walk through the various strategies you can use to manage, and potentially avoid, scope creep entirely when working with your clients. Download the full guide to read this chapter.

5. The Project Schedule

1 min

A project schedule allows you to outline, assess, and communicate the essentials of a job. In this chapter, we'll walk you through the importance of project scheduling, and offer you a few tips for creating your own schedule. Download the full guide to read this chapter.

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