MVMT used social and mobile selling to grow a $60 million watch empire

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In 2013, Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante drop out of college to found MVMT Watches. Their vision: high-quality, classically designed watches for a fraction of what high-end pieces normally cost.

Not only did they envision selling to the people, they started with the people. Over 60 days, the duo raised $220,000 through Indiegogo, the second most successful fashion campaign ever. And that was just the start. As Shopify Plus merchants, MVMT…

  • Doubled mobile conversion rates
  • Generated $150,000 through social selling
  • Scaled to $60 million within three years
  • Poised to exceed $100 million in 2018
MVMT’s sleek style is reflected in all their product images
MVMT’s social friendly images helped them scale


For MVMT, the first challenge was establishing themselves in a flooded marketplace without traditional retail inflating their prices.

The second was even more daunting. On the heels of MVMT’s historic Indiegogo campaign and mainstream press, visitors came in droves. The problem was how they came. Almost overnight, MVMT’s traffic went from three-quarters desktop to over 60% mobile and social, opening a gap between visitors, conversions, and revenue.

The question became how to shrink the path to purchase, reduce abandoned carts, and offer customers instant buying options free of friction.

Simply put, we trust our business with Shopify Plus. Their ecommerce platform helped us scale from $1 to $60 million without flinching.

Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlanteCo-founders, MVMT


To answer those question, MVMT focused on three areas.

First, as Shopify Plus merchants since inception, MVMT’s site was already built for a mobile-first world. This meant they were able to hone clean layouts, beautiful product imagery, and easy-to-digest descriptions.

MVMT customer story photo 3

Second, MVMT deployed a host of apps available through Shopify’s ecosystem. Rather than pay development costs to create their own solutions, the apps let MVMT iterate, experiment, and execute quickly.

Third, MVMT launched a native Facebook Shop through Shopify Plus. This sales channel to enabled fans and followers to shop MVMT’s most popular products and make purchases without ever leaving the network.

When people see something they love they want to buy it immediately. It’s easy to get lost on a website. So we started thinking about how to make commerce easier for social media users.

Spencer StumbaughDirector of Marketing, MVMT
MVMT customer story photo 4


MVMT’s responsive storefront and optimization efforts paid off immediately, more than doubling their mobile conversion rates.

They now use more than 30 apps to collect and display customer reviews, host contests, manage their email marketing, offer live chat, and rescue abandoned carts.

The real win, however, was their innovative approach to selling. MVMT’s Facebook Shop, for instance, generated 60,000 visitors and $15,000 in revenue during its first three months. Over the last year, it’s accumulated nearly $150,000 that could have otherwise been lost.

By integrating a multi-channel approach — and providing a product customers love without big-brand markups — MVMT plans to hit $100 million in 2018.

I think this is what everyone is going to be doing in the future. Getting in on this early and cutting the number of steps in the conversion process improves the customer experience and helps us grow in new ways.

Spencer StumbaughDirector of Marketing, MVMT

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