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Carro is the first collaborative commerce network and cross-store sales channel for Shopify Plus stores. Our trusted network of 33k+ brands, utilize our platform for cross-store selling; a process of selling or supplying products without a traditional wholesale relationship or any inventory commitments. Shopify Plus merchants are able to partner with influencers and other brands, leveraging their website traffic and complementary products to increase brand awareness and sell more, together.

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March 2021


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We've been using Carro for the last year and it's been a huge time-saver. Discovering influencers who already have a connection to our brand has lead to more authentic and easy-to-manage partnerships.

Olga Alivia, Director of Brand Strategy & MarketingVanity Planet

Carro has the potential to make dropshipping with great companies actually work. We tried so many other dropshipping methods, and had to stop all of them because the admin and customer experience was a nightmare. Carro's solution makes it seamless and easy to partner with great Shopify stores.

Chuck Melber, Director of MarketingNOMAD