We’re hitting the road

Shopify staff and experts will be on hand to help with everything from getting started with Shopify, to marketing your store, and taking better product photography. You can sign up for a half or full day of workshops, and set up 1-on-1 appointments with our customer support team.


Learn how to get the most out of the Shopify platform

9:00am to 2:00pm

Shopify Fundamentals

From creating an online store to learning how to take advantage of selling in person, join us for a morning of workshops to maximize the Shopify platform for your business. We’ve assembled our most knowledgeable customer support Gurus and top rated experts to help you sell anywhere!

- Getting Started with Shopify

Come on down for a step-by-step workshop chockfull of all the info you’ll need to set up your store on Shopify, manage your account and get selling. Please bring a laptop.

- Selling in Person with Shopify

Come find out about the ins and outs of selling in person using Shopify. Learn about Shopify POS, the brand new tap, chip, and swipe card reader, inventory management, discounts, and more.

- Shipping with Shopify

So your inventory and orders are starting to come through, but you need to get them to your customer somehow. Join us in discovering the best ways to ship products, how to overcome common problems, different ways to charge for shipping, and more.

- SEO with Shopify

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be tricky when you’re just starting a brand. Learn about what it takes to make sure your products are easily found on the web.

1:00pm to 6:00pm

Entrepeneur Series

Learn what you can do to take your business to the next level. We’ve put together an afternoon of workshops to help you with everything from product photography to preparing for the holiday season. Shopify staff and experts will be on hand to help you in growing and creating a successful ecommerce business.

- Product Photography 101

Get hands-on tips and tricks from an expert photographer on how to take great photos of your products.

- Build Your Brand

Build an awesome brand that keeps ‘em coming back. We’ll get you started with things like brand considerations, design and Shopify theme customization. Please bring a laptop.

- Growth Hacks

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have grown by thinking outside the box. Join us to learn about how you can grow your business using strategies and hacks that have proven themselves time and time again.

- Preparing for the Holiday Season

The holidays are full of tremendous opportunities for your ecommerce business to make money. These tips will help ensure your store is in the best position possible to not only succeed during the holiday season, but also minimize the stress and headaches this season brings.

Free Evening
6:30pm to 8:30pm

Evening Events

Our evening events are an opportunity for our ecosystem to come together to connect, learn and grow together. Join us for informal nights of local speakers, panel discussions, light appetizers and beverages. This event is free of charge.

Day 1 - An evening with the Shopify Ecosystem

An informal evening of short and informative talks centered around ecommerce design and the Shopify Partner Program. Whether you are a seasoned Shopify designer, considering getting started, or just keen to meet other local web professionals, you are most welcome to join us. If you are a store owner, please come network with local Experts and get your questions on growing your business answered.

Day 2 - Shopify Merchant Stories: The Entrepreneurial Hustle

This exclusive panel will highlight local Shopify merchants, who bring their hustle on a daily basis to build and brand their own empires. These entrepreneurs will share their insights, ah-ha moments and experiences, as well as the ups and down of running their own business.

Day 3 - Building Brands in a High-Volume, High-Growth World

An evening of fireside chats that will provide a behind-the-scenes look at building a high-growth, high-volume business. In a world where commerce never sleeps, two local Shopify Plus merchants will share how to build successful brands and avoid roadblocks while keeping up with demand.

Guru Bar

We’ve assembled our most knowledgeable customer support Guru to help with your specific Shopify needs. Schedule a 1-on-1 appointment before they fill up! Please make sure you book this separate from your workshop tickets.

Partner Workshops

For Full Day, Morning and Afternoon Tickets

Partner workshops will be presented at 1:00pm for Full Day and Morning Tickets, and again at 1:40pm for Afternoon Ticket holders.

Day 1: MailChimp

More than 12 million people and businesses around the world use MailChimp. Our features and integrations allow you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. And our detailed reports help you keep improving over time.

Day 2: QuickBooks

QuickBooks helps you keep track of the money coming in and out of your business, all in one easy-to-use place. So you always know where you stand, and you’re always ready for tax time. Don’t worry about losing your laptop or important files. QuickBooks automatically backs up your data with bank level security so it’s always safe, and always available – from any device.

Day 3: Kit

Kit is a virtual employee that takes care of your marketing needs. Entrepreneurs from around the world hire Kit to handle their Facebook and Instagram Ads, their email marketing and send thank you emails to their customers.

Meet with an Expert

Need help building, designing or growing your business both online and offline? Meet 1:1 with local Shopify Experts and Apps. Find them at our Experts Bar throughout the tour to get your questions answered. Drop-ins are welcome.

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