chapter 6

Lesson 2: Introduction to Content Creation and Optimization

Video transcript

This process starts with content creation. Our goal is to get face time with our community. I'm calling face time any kind of interaction, face-to- camera videos, PowerPoint videos, blog articles, any time where their face is focused on your business in some way.

We want to get that face-time and build a relationship with them, provide them with value, and ultimately make them relevant offers. In this section, we're going to talk about the different types of content you can create. And specifically, how to create them, things like face-to-camera videos and articles and top-ten lists and PowerPoint videos and screen-capture videos and product-demo videos.

We'll look at all the different types of content that are available to you and where they are useful and relevant within your E-commerce business. I'll also share with you the different tools that I use for creating this content.

One thing to think about from this content creation perspective is this how you fortify your business from channels. We saw in the E-commerce community a lot of people lose their businesses overnight with the Penguin algorithm update and the Panda algorithm update over the past year-and-a-half now. The reason that happened is because those businesses were leveraging 100% Google traffic as their source of revenue.

By creating content and building a community of people who buy from us when we send them emails, by creating a community that's engaged with our brand, we generate a new channel of traffic, so that if one of our advertising campaigns stops, we still have some revenue. We still some have some traffic coming to our business. It's a way that you can fortify yourself from channels, which ultimately stabilizes your business and allows you to sell it for a higher multiple if that's something you're interested in doing.

Let's head over to the computer, and we'll get started with the content creation module now.

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